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Hello, I'm Steve Valdez,

SR Marketing Campaign Manager | Director Of Marketing & Business Development | Photo-Journalist | Founder Of Steve Valdez Photo, Valdez Live Entertainment & King Of The Quinceanera



Born on the South side of San Antonio. The third child of my parents four kids. Attended public schools in an inner city environment. In high school Steve serve as drum Major of his 250 piece high school band for two years. Which h credits getting his experience in management.  As a father of three daughters two of his daughters have also served as drum major of their own bands. 

Steve graduated from Palo Alto college with a degree in Liberal Studies. Obtained bachelors in Business Administration from Texas A&M San Antonio (Cum Laude) & during the COVID pandemic returned to graduate school and obtained a Masters in Business Administration and pledged to Omega Delta Phi.  During the course of Steve’s working career, he authored the first book on planning QUINCEANERA’S (a Latinas rite of Passage). He toured all over South Texas giving lectures on how to execute the events and appeared on locro television in San Antonio and Laredo. 

As a reporter Steve covered all kinds of stories and topics. Some highlights include meeting, Michelle Pfeiffer, John Mellencamp, and Rosie O’Donnell, in one day. As well as flying in a B-17 flying Fortress from Corpus Christi to San Antonio, as well as piloting, a small plane and a discovery flight. After 9/11, Steve wrote a series of articles on the experience of traveling to New York six weeks after the twin towers fell. Steve is self-taught fluent in Spanish and has served on the Mexican board of tourism as an official translator (translating from Spanish to English). Steve travels to Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, 4-5 times a year and has been doing so for the last 27 years.

Steve has always enjoyed the challenges of marketing, and how they combine the discipline of project management coupled with the opportunity to create something new. He is fascinated by the ability to create an effective campaign, and is always looking for influence and talent. STEVE served as the marketing Director of the mission, open air market (a multi million dollar/50 acre outdoor market for over 20 years.) At this location he helped facilitate the growth of the company and create long lasting marketing opportunities.

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